ATLAS.ti 8

Sophisticated Data Analysis.





ATLAS.ti 8 is highly intuitive and easier to learn and use than any other QDA program–including older versions of ATLAS.ti.

For our latest offering, we listened closely to our users’ needs and wishes, and have focused especially on a maximum degree of usability. ATLAS.ti 8’s completely revamped interface has been designed to follow rigorous priciples of function-oriented usability. It employs a logical ribbon structure, context menus and keyboard shortcuts to make your work flow as ergonomic as possible.

Shortcomings of older versions have been eliminated, and much requested new functionality has been added. Most notably, unlimited Undo/Redo is now possible with every aspect of the program. 澳门皇冠怎么开户 lets you work with material in any language and character set. An easy-to-use 澳门皇冠足彩开户 performs fine-grained searches on every level of your project. Simultaneous work with 澳门皇冠开户平台 supports new comparative approaches.

澳门皇冠手机版网开户 Many formerly convoluted processes have been radically simplified. The focus is on getting results quickly and efficiently.

澳门皇冠娱乐怎么开户 Stylish network visualizations serve both the analytical process and provide excellent presentation tools. Importing surveys, data from Twitter as well as from your favorite reference manager is a breeze.

澳门皇冠开户大惊喜 Completely rewritten and based on the latest technology, ATLAS.ti 8 allows for rapid, modular expansion. So expect to see previously unthinkable new possibilities in the coming months and years as ATLAS.ti 8 continues to grow by design.


These are some of the powerful features of ATLAS.ti 8 Windows:

  • State-of-the-art, highly intuitive user interface with ribbons, tabbed views
  • Instant access to all project items via Navigator
  • Regions permit working with multiple documents, memos, networks etc. simultaneously
  • More powerful “margin” than ever with powerful interactive functions.
  • Direct import of Twitter and Evernote data
  • Support for literature review through import from reference managers such as Endnote
  • Multi-functional word clouds for all object types
  • Groups for all object types
  • Unicode throughout – work with documents in any language or character set
  • Undo/Redo (100 steps)
  • Powerful Visual Query Editor
  • SmartCodes and SmartGroups
  • Split Codes
  • Full project search (former “Word cruncher”) significantly improved with dynamic fade-in/fade-out hit categories
  • Elegant and tremendously useful new network layout options
  • Previews and comments for all items
  • Bi-directional project exchange with ATLAS.ti Mac
  • On-board intercoder agreement measuring tool



To transfer your project to another computer with either ATLAS.ti 8 or ATLAS.t Mac installed, simply export it via File > Export.

On the target system, import the bundle file (.atlproj) from the start screen.


To import your project from version 7 into ATLAS.ti 8, in ATLAS.ti 7.5 select Project > Export > Transfer Bundle (for Mac & A8). This creates a single-file copy of your project. In ATLAS.ti 8, select “Import Project” from the start screen.

IMPORTANT: While project transfer from ATLAS.ti 7 Windows to ATLAS.ti 8 is fully supported, there is no backwards compatibility with ATLAS.ti 7.